Can you touch your toes – without bending your knees?

Here is a flexibility poll, asking if you can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Don’t cheat! If you can touch your toes you are doing OK, but you may not be normal.

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Can You Touch Your Toes?

Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? A true test of flexibility.

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More Toe Size Comments

Here are more comments from some of the voters to the toe length poll.


  • LOL a toe is a toe, we’re all different, just like some people have bigger heads then others …
  • Regarding toe lengths, they’re like height and weight …everyone is different. I have long 2nd and 3rd toes and I like them but it does make shoe fitting a problem at times. Therefore, I live in Florida and can get away with open-toed shoes (including high heels) all year round!
  • My mom is a 1/4 WASP and has indian feet which makes her run through forest really fast, but her second toe too is LONGER then her big toe!!! Her dad says she must be a princess!
  • I have a longer second toe on both feet I call them my longevity toes I never get sick if I do its day and I don’t miss work. My wife shorter second toes always sick oldest child longer second toe never sick second child shorter toe always sick third child shorter second toe always sick and finally the fourth longer second toe never sick . I have ten employees my manager has longer second toes I found this out after she worked for me for a year and a half and never was sick our missed work two other employees were always sick and guess what yes shorter second toes they are no longer working for me. I will not hire another person with shorter second toes. My observation has been that if you have a longer second toe you tend to have the ability to resisted colds and other viruses then someone with a shorter second toe. Take it for what its worth maybe the second toe being longer is a genetic gauge of health.
  • My second toe is larger than my big toe, but my third toe is larger than them both! My theory is that because my talus is connected to my tarsals, which are then connected to my metatarsals, and then on to my phalanges it is a problem linked to how you walk. If you put pressure on your subtalal joint then your foot transfers the pressure to your calcaneus. Then forcing the Sural nerve closer to the ground. The reduction in gravitational pull makes your medial plantar nerve have an acute sudden spasm of pain (pang) and causes the flexor dictorium brevis muscle to contract and put pressure on your lateral plantar artery and this causes your second toe to be pushed slightly forward, and as the pressure builds through the artery over time your third toe is also substantially longer. But this is only based on my vast knowledge of the human foot, no big deal!
  • I’ve been laughing about this since I started reading. I think feet are attractive. My toes are I think they’re normal. They’re thin, full nailed, big toe is biggest and small toe is smallest. Does normal feet mean I’m normal?
  • Well I have both Irish and Scottish in me as well as Old English (which would be Saxon) and I have the typical Celtic toe! I also have reddish brown hair and green eyes! Yup my big toe is the same length as my second toe on both feet and I also have the raised area below the big toe too. I have Celtic feet but they’re not big though – I’m 27 next week and I’m a tiny size 3! I think we’re getting a little too precious about the dirty word evolution as if somehow people who have Saxon feet are more evolved than those of us who were hunter gatherers. If we view it from the perspective of evolution in response to environment as opposed to human intelligence/refinement I think we can all be a bit
    more relaxed!! I agree it will have something to do with evolution (thus influencing genetics) but this is in response to living environment not to racial advancement as some people on this board might be worrying! Besides I have an IQ of 146 and I’m apparently a Celt so I can’t be that backward can I?! XX
  • Bigger second toe means a bigger brain. My big head proves it.
  • Do I have an illness or is this normal? This is a very interesting topic …becuz I have the same problem in a way. My pinky toe is longer then my big toe …on one foot. And on my other foot my middle toe is three inches longer then my big toe …I have gone to a doctor and they really haven’t found out why it is still growing … I dunno if there is anything u know or heard about this problem!
  • I’ve read of a psychiatrist who noticed that a high proportion of his patients who had a condition called Histadelia also had a second toe longer than their first one.
  • What’s with longer third toes? My friend has a longer third toe is she special or just freakish?
  • I heard that it was called a peasant’s toe but who really knows
  • when my daughter was born the first thing i noticed about her besides her fair skin were her feet. her third toes on both feet are the longest toes she has. it’s funny but i never much noticed anyone’s toes until i saw this third longest toe phenomenon on her foot. now i’ll walk around with my head down for the rest of my life trying to find toes that are just like my daughter’s toes, and then i’m going to ask that person to join a club dedicated to people with long third toes so my baby will never feel odd about her unique toes. and i’ll continue this until there are a million people in my little girl’s toe club.
  • The second toe being longer than the first toe is the result of a dominant gene – it doesn’t mean that you are smarter, more dominant or your ancestors came from any particular country and especially you’re not royalty or freaks!  Just like brown eyes are a dominant gene, longer second toes are also a dominant gene.
  • On each foot, my big toe is slightly longer than my second toe, but the second metatarsal head is quite a bit forward compared with the first metatarsal head.  Also, the second and third metatarsal structurals appear to be connected together so they do not move independently.  I still get the rotational callus under the second metatarsal head.  Anyone else have this condition?
  • I was born and raised on the east coast and never noticed the “toe thing” until I came to California in the 1960’s.  It’s something I have been curious about for years.  I would be standing in a line somewhere and I noticed people’s feet—specifically the “longer second toe.”  I’d never noticed it before and that is what most of the feet had!I always wondered why I had never noticed it back east.  I find all of these comments fascinating.
  • Without a doubt, the most attractive female foot is comprised of toes of which the second toe protrudes equally as far (or minutely farther) than the big toe, and the remaining three protrude progressively less in measured, curved, proportion.  The smallest toe should be straight, (no side-winders, please), and most definitely require a distinct nail of its own.  Furthermore, the big toe should not curl upward (except at opportune moments of passion), and the edges of all nail beds should be front-facing and relatively parallel.
    Any feet with dominant or monster big toes (a.k.a. The Fred Flintstone) should be relegated to work boots and permanently banned from open-toed shoes or sandals without exceptions.  These are the exclusive privilege of Wilma.
  • My toes are tapered with each toe graduating to a slightly shorter size starting with the big toe and getting progressively shorter.  The second toe on each foot is curved slightly toward the third toe but even if they were perfectly straight, they would still be shorter than the big toe.  The small toe on each foot is shorter in proportion to the tapering of each of the preceding toes but it still looks good.  Besides, the little toes should be little!  To me, this is exactly the way toes should be.  I am proud of my toes and have seen very few like them.  I have received compliments on them and, as a result, I keep them perfectly clean and pedicured with the nails trimmed very short.  They look the best this way and are easier to keep clean with short nails.  I go barefooted all the time when possible but take extreme care of them with lotions and pumice stone to keep them soft.
    I would hate to have feet which I was ashamed of because I have always had feet I loved so much.  I have received favorable comments about them my whole life which gives me the incentive to keep them looking their best and sexiest.
  • I’ve finally found people afflicted with the small big toe… which does not insinuate I will be walking around feet naked for all the world to see… my lover accepts my small big toes, why cant I?
  • My toes are ugly and long. These are the toes that god gave. How do you accept the toes he gives and not want to change what you have. So when daughter is born is she going to look at her own toes and hate them? Then she’ll look at mine and wonder why she got the messed up toes. When all along I’m going to hide my vanity and tell her toes are beautiful and this is what god gave her.
  • My second toe is almost the same length as my pinky finger. Talk about ugly…and genetically I’ve passed it to my children, yuck. I have monkey toes!
  • I am an anthropologist. Relative toe length differences are normal human variation. They have nothing to do with “race,” evolution, function
    (like farming or riding horses), ethnic heritage, or personality!
  • Surely, physically and visually the feet with second toes longer are more beautiful and sexy than the feet with shorter second toes.
  • I noticed in Egypt, (when I last sailed down the Nile in my sacred barque) that the pre-Ptolemiac statues of ancient Egyptian deities were all depicted with longer second toes. However, when the Greek Ptolemies came to power, the second toes were depicted as being smaller than the larger toe. Having longer second toes on both feet, I am living proof that I am more intelligent, masterful and generally god-like compared to mere mortals who are challenged in the this little piggy department.
  • I think that a man with a dominant big toe that often overlaps the second toe is insecure in a family of girls.
  • I have a longer second toe than my big toe and that basically makes me a total weirdo. In fact, all us big second toe people should wear banners declaring our weirdness
  • My big to is taller than the others…does that mean I have irregular feet
  • I think that the reasons the statistics of this website shows that there are more people with longer 2nd toe is because people who have it Googled it and came upon it- like myself 😀 but I know a lot of people have it. Watching ‘Shallow Hal’ made me second guessing 😀 but I’m selectively attending to being creative and intelligent!
  • Well, I’m Greek maybe Irish and a bunch of other stuff. I have a larger second toe and have only known one other person to. I don’t like it because people think you’re a freak, mutant, alien or psychopath. I don’t know why it’s like that. I hate it and maybe only because it’s not accepted in society and I never see it on other people. Howard Stern thinks it’s ugly and so does everyone else. Would a model have it? No. I will have it surgically fixed which is a huge hassle and I think only done by one doctor in the US but even then I think if I ever have kids they’ll have it and might feel all the negativity I’ve felt from others. I do wonder if it is some thing with evolution but it’s not necessarily more primitive.
  • For one my toes are long but not ugly my grandma says they’re beautiful but different.
  • My big toe and my second toe are the same length on right foot, and the first three are the same length on my left. But they’re all short. Every boyfriend I’ve had has had a longer little toe than my big toe (yes I have a thing for feet).
  • The issue of having a longer middle toe has nothing to do with having Egyptian origins because i have Egyptian origins and know a lot of Egyptians and we all have our big toe the longest. So i think its got nothing to do with origins maybe its just gens & some deformities in bones and joints.
  • Longer second toes are not abnormal, they are in fact dominant over the shorter second toe. So people with shorter second toes, are actually the ones with technically ‘abnormal’ feet
  • I have been studying feet and toes for years and am collating a coffee table photo book of my findings.
  • I am so pleased I have found this website. My 2nd toes are much longer than my big toes – it’s worse on one foot than the other. My husband doesn’t mind but I am so self conscious about it, and it’s a nightmare in summer because I can’t wear sandals! It’s comforting to know there are other people with the same problem!
  • Having your third toe as the longest is a celt trait. It’s called Celtic foot or Scottish toe.  Your foot basically comes to a point in the center.
    The typical english foot gradually slopes down from big toe to the pinky who cried wee wee wee all the way home.
  • The longer second toe is a indication that that person is a alien hybrid. This is how they are identified. It is passed down though the genetic structure stemming from the original cross breeding.
  • I have a belief that the second toe being longer then the INTENDED
    bigger toe is, because a genetic sign of incest somewhere in their
    chromosomes. I am a biology major I intend to prove this
  • My middle toe is actually almost longer than my big toe. In fact, I think it is actually longer. I feel sick every time I look at it. Although when I spread my toes in front of a TV in a dark room, it looks like E.T is here. It’s quite cool. you should see it ;]
  • I did not see anyone with the 2nd toe longer on one foot (left) and shorter on the other as my feet have – is this so unusual? Genetics in my family are that we all have shorter fingers than the norm; some more than others but all shorter than average.

More Toe Length Comments

Here are more comments from some of the voters to the toe length poll.


  • Everyone should kiss their toes and feet daily and tell them how much they love them. Think about what they do for you every day. (from chris, May 2012)
  • Heard of the Podiatrist who discovered the Celtic Toe?  –  Phyllis Jackson, a retired Gloucestershire podiatrist. Apparently, Jackson noticed the distinct differences between Celtic and Saxon feet during WWII and has gone on, in amateur archeology, to identify the Saxons and Celts in a sixth century cemetery based on their feet. English feet, according to Jackson, “tend to be broad and somewhat pointed — their toes form a steep angle from the first to the fifth…” The Celtic feet are longer and slimmer with more level toe tips. Celtic feet also have a bulge at the base of the big toe where bunions tended to form as a result of forcing their feet into English shaped shoes during WWII. I don’t know if her theories have been proven scientifically, but if you are interested you can check your own feet… or your neighbor’s. 😉
  • It seems a longer second toe is a characterizing trait of the Mediterranean race (ancestral to the British Isles too – hence the ‘Celtic theory’). I guess the horse riders of the steppes (Proto-Aryans) did not develop this long second toe because it would inhibit their horse riding skills, that’s why the descendants of these horse riders (Slavs and some Germans) don’t have this trait.
  • I’ve heard that a longer second toe means you’re a fast runner. I’ve been a fast sprinter all my life, so maybe that’s right too. And to all those people who hate their long toes, etc., I think it’s cool to be different – how boring if we all looked exactly the same!
  • My toes are weird. My 3rd toe is the longest, even longer then my 2nd toe, but they are still both taller then my big toe. So its like my toes come to a point in the middle. What type of toes are they aye?
  • I have a long second toe. It is ugly and looks like E.T.’s Finger. I like to pick my earwax with it. You can also pop it into the balloon knot. NICE!
  • I’m italian and my second toe is longer than my big one. I call it “the retarded toe” I HATE it!!!
  • my third toe is shorter than all the others. on both feet. What kind of disease do I have? helpppp
  • A longer second and third toe should be Worship loved lick and kissed.
  • My 2nd toe is longer than my first toe, and I HATE it! But yet its kinda cool. But I’m so self conscious about that I wont go swimming in front of people, or wear sandals. I think I might get surgery to get half the bone taken out.
  • This toe comment page is just freaking funny. I laughed for around half an hour. My left foot has a longer 2nd toe. The right foot is normal, longer big toe. Now the second being wider than the first, I guess that means that the 2nd is your big toe so you never noticed anything wrong…
  • I have a short big toe, making my second toe the longest. I have heard that a long second toe is a sign of intelligence and aristocracy. Further research today has revealed that this is an Egyptian hereditary trait that passed along thru Europe, esp. Italy and England. Some crackpot on the Internet wrote a paper stating that people with a long second toe tend to be serial killers with social adjustment problems. That’s crap! However, my IQ is around 132, so maybe the Intelligence theory is right. Also, I’m related to 1) The Scarlet Pimpernel and 2) The Burnhams who built the castle in Burnham England. So who knows?
  • I have big feet and i’m only 13 with another 3 years of buying school shoes which are ugly cos of my big feet. My big toes are HUGE!!!!!!!! so I wanna get surgery or something on it and I live in england so all year round in school I am forced to wear shoes that are ugly because of my big feet. I’m always praying to god to give me size 7 or 7 1/2 (uk sizes) feet and not size 8. if my big toes weren’t so huge then I would have size 7 feet which would be normal. Kids at school tease me cos of my big feet. I end up crying in secret lol. I just wanna be normal. in school everyone looks at me like I’m a freak or something. I just can’t accept my big feet. when I have to buy school shoes the shops don’t have anything in my size sometimes so my mum tries her best to make me feel comfortable. even my family tease me about it so I don’t know how I can call them family and know I’ve started crying. I’m so self conscious (can’t spell that) about my feet.
  • Is Morton’s Toe that big a problem? Perhaps it’s because I wear either sandals or hiking boots when I wear shoes at all, but I always thought that a longer second toe was more quizzical than problematic. My dad and I both have long second toes, and the only real effect that I can see is that we have more foot dexterity than others.
  • My second and third toe are longer than my “big” toe. My boys have normal feet, but my daughter is starting to show signs of having “circus freak” toes. I love that movie, has everyone seen it? I actually had a guy tell me he would never marry me because of my toes. Too bad for him, he married and mean and hateful woman and she passed that along instead.
  • I believe that the longer the second toe is, the bigger wave you can rip apart while surfing. However, on males, if the second toe is the longest, you have a disease called Flemingitis which shortens your life span by 7 years. In females, having a longer second toe suggests that someone from your genealogy had a sex change in the past.
  • Um, well I have a SLIGHT longie. my second toe is longer than my big toe due to a break in the growth plate. I woke up one day and BAM! my toe was LONG! I also have a shortie toe right next to my longie toe which makes my longie toe stick out even more. my friend messily thinks it is rather cool! she wishes she had a longie and a shortie as well! isn’t that cool? oh yeah and I also had these boat races at school and um, I was scared to expose my longie so I taped it and told everyone it broke and I think it worked until I got into the pool and it fell off. oh dear. but it was all good in the hood cause nobody noticed! isn’t that cool? I also stand there smoothly with my other foot covering my longie and shortie toe foot so I don’t expose my LONGIE! I also like the statement ” CHECK MY LONGIE ” I have a bumper sticker with that on it. yes, I do.
  • I read somewhere that a longer second toe showed aristocratic descent. Has any one else heard this?
  • I think that this is rubbish. Who ever thought this up has no idea what there talking about.
  • Toes are just toes. Length doesn’t mean anything. Sorry, but Science beats beliefs and “sayings”! Hahaha.
  • I always thought, when the second toe was longer than the big toe, that it was “Athena’s Foot,” because her statue shows her second toe to be longer than her big toe. It’s a mark of Athen’s wisdom.
  • People with longer second toes are freaks.
  • Morton’s toes are on every race and creed. Yes it’s genetic, and no, idiots, it has nothing to do with leadership or intelligence. Go re-read your tea-leaves. A bigger second toe means: Sometimes you gotta buy bigger shoes. Period.
  • What about the third toe being shorter than the fourth?
  • I’m Italian…and when I visited Italy, so many people had the second toe longer than the big toe … maybe it’s an Italian thing too!
  • My dad always said my second toe was okay – my big toe was too short.
  • My third toe is longer than my second toe, but not longer than my big toe. what kind of toes do I have?
  • I have my middle toe longer than all my toes EXCEPT the big toe. what does this mean?
  • I heard if your second toe is longer you are stubborn.
  • My Soulmate has the longer second toes and she has always proudly declared it to be a mark of psychosis!!! I Love Her!!! One of her names is “Gina, Queen of Cats”!!!
  • I like to suck on my third toe… Hmmm, maybe that is why it is the longest.
  • My second toe is longer too, and I hate it. I would love to have ‘normal’ feet!
  • They say if you have a fat big toe and you are a very easy going person.
  • I wonder if toe length has any correlation with ratio of finger length and in utero sex hormones.
  • In my travels, I’ve noticed that the majority of women have the long second toe – whereas most men seem to have the big toe as the longest one.
  • I have found that a shorter 2nd toe allows you a great advantage over long toes in Cranium.
  • my second and third toe are the same length but smaller than my big toe. What’s its meaning?
  • people with the 2nd toe bigger than big toe are often seen as aggressive people, how wrong can one be, like astrology its our nature to protect, but we don’t go looking!
  • I hate all of my toes, they are all long and skinny and of course the second toe is bigger than the first. Is there a surgery to even all of the toes out and make them ALL even?
  • my granddad used to call my grandmas toes….. pick pocketing toes cos the second was longest… ha ha!
  • I have a longer second toe as do all 4 of my children. My partner has a shorter second toe, so the “dominant” bit might be a dominant gene. Feet are feet. They are the only ones you have so look after them.
  • I have Morton’s Toe, and when I ran track, I was relieved to find how many of the top sprinters also had Morton’s Toe. Ugly but functional.
  • feet are ugly ….period
  • Wow, it seems like I’m not the only one with the longer second toe. the only dif. thing is that its only on one foot. my other foot’s second toe is fine. but the long toe on the right foot required surgery! it was at least 3/4 of an inch longer than the big toe. pretty crazy. I was so self conscious about taking my shoes off/ going swimming/ or even walking around in socks because you could tell!!
  • My father was blond and blue eyed. his second toe was longer on both feet and so are mine. sometimes my second toe makes me trip if I am barefoot. I have to buy shoes one half size bigger.
  • I have a longer 2nd and I hate it! My friend is always making fun of me! it makes me mad cuz her toes are short and stubby!!!!
  • Am I the only one who has same-length big and middle toes on both feet? Hahaha, this whole thing is silly, but still interesting, somehow
  • I thought my toes were weird cause they go perfectly down in size, big toe then second, third, fourth fifth, each are just shorter than the next, everyone I see has a second toe longer that’s why I thought mine were weird
  • Yeah I laughed so hard reading everyone’s comments! Haha but I’m definitely getting my 2nd toes shortened…my life will be complete!
  • To suggest that a longer second toe is a “disorder” is absurd. it’s perfectly fine and anybody with a shred of self-confidence wouldn’t give it a second thought. (side note: I do have celtic ancestry.)
  • I agree with the celtic ancestry. My ancestors are from Scotland and my 2nd and 3rd toe is longer than my big toe. I just thought I was a freak, now I can hold my chin high.
  • Second toes that are longer than the big toe means that you’re really smart 😀

Toe Size Poll

Which is your longest toe? There are some people with a bigger second toe, are you one of them? What does this mean anyway? See the archived comments for a selection of the hundreds of feedback comments this poll has generated. As you will see, people see many meanings of this, not all of them scientific.

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