Any False Teeth?

For many people dentures are a part of growing old, but you can lose teeth earlier through disease and teeth can also be knocked out in fights and sporting accidents. If that has happened to you, do you have any false teeth? You can keep your dentures hidden, or show off your false teeth – or you may choose not to replace missing teeth at all! That is really freaky.

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Here is what one person said:
“On super bowl sunday after 911 in NEW ORLEANS I got my front teeth knocked out by a guy with a chain with a padlock attached to the other end since it was a BIG day no ambulance would pick me up nor cab so i rode my bike to hospital when i got there i knew things were bad because three Asian girls began screaming when i walked in to ER…..”


Whistling Poll

Can you whistle a symphony, or not whistle at all? See if you are normal.

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This is what some people have said:

  • can you whistle blowing out or inhaling?
  • The only problem is there is no calls for a great whistler!!
  • I’ve heard that men whistle while they’re sitting on the toilet so they don’t forget which end to wipe…
  • my best whistle is the wolf whistle. I practice it whenever the opportunity arises! 😉
  • I can whistle with the bottom of my tongue.

Tongue Rolling Poll Comments

The results of the poll on tongue rolling are quite surprising, with a very high percentage of respondents having the ability to roll their tongue. Have a look at some interesting comments from voters below.


  • I can fold my tongue into a three-leaf clover
  • I used to show off about it but I don’t feel so special now I know 81% of the people voting presently can too.
  • I can roll my tongue upside down!
  • The ability to roll your tongue is from a dominant gene, so I’m in the privileged minority.
  • A more interesting quiz may reveal what percentage of people can turn their tongue sideways.
  • I can also turn my tongue over
  • It’s not just a genetic thing. Tongues can be taught to “roll”. Put a pencil down the middle of your tongue and roll your tongue around it.
  • I can’t roll my tongue, but I can make it very pointed and wiggle just the tip.
  • I can double roll my tongue backwards with my eyes shut in the dark at night alone.
  • My friend can do a double roll? Is this normal?
  • When I was in high school, my bio teacher rolled her tongue very tightly. I couldn’t roll my tongue like she did–she could even roll her tongue tightly without the aid of her lips or teeth. Eventually, I learned to roll my tongue, but I can’t do it without the aid of my lips, like she did.
  • Tongue rolling is not a simple genetic trait. Also, I can roll my tongue… however my sister cannot. 😉
  • I can roll my tongue upside down and inside out as well
  • I can also touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of my nose. I can also use it as a picking utensil, if need be. Classy, huh?
  • Almost everybody I know can roll there tongue, I think it is more common for people to be able to roll their tongue!
  • Freak! toungue rollers are all freaks!
  • Me and my sister can both curl our tongues into tubes and make 3-leaf clovers. But I have a certain gene that allows my tongue to also fold into a “w” shape. I can swich between these folds with relative ease. Is this common or am I one in a million?
  • Yeah, tongue rolling is a piece of cake.  Tongue flipping (front half of tongue upside down) is much tougher, and I only saw part Amerindians able to do it.
  • i could flip my tongue upside down put it 3 leaf put it in my throat fold it in half and my tongue goes up to my chin and i could touch my nose with it
  • I was just trying to see if my husband or kids could and none of them can….
  • since having my tongue peirced i can oly half fold my tongue not fully
  • I can fold my tongue in half and also turn it upside down can anyone else do this?
  • I can also fold my tongue in half n roll it n flip it sideways lol.
  • I can also do the three leaf clover with my tongue.
  • I can tuck the very middle of my tongue inside itself making my tongue look split in half. Can anyone else do this? I haven’t met anyone else who can do it yet.