Enoch, The Egg King

A young man applied to the manager of the entertainment museum for employment as a freak, and the following dialogue occurred:

“Who are you?”

“I am Enoch, the egg king.”

“What is your specialty?”

“I eat three dozen hen’s eggs, two dozen duck eggs, and one dozen goose eggs, at a single setting.”

“Do you know our program?”

“What is it?”

“We give four shows every day.”

“Oh, yes, I understand that.”

“And do you think you can do it?”

“I know I can.”

“On Saturdays we give six shows.”

“All right.”

“On holidays we usually give a performance every hour.”

And now, at last, the young man showed signs of doubt.

“In that case, I must have one thing understood before I’d be willing to sign a contract.”


“No matter what the rush of business is in the show, you’ve got to give me time to go to the hotel to eat my regular meals.”


Eating Raw Eggs!

Have you eaten a raw egg? There are many people who have been inspired by Rocky to down a few raw eggs to take on anyone. Eating raw eggs has also been a traditional hangover cure.

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Here is what someone said: “Ever eaten raw cookie dough? Then anyone that said any variation of “no” has already gained the poll. Sorry.”