Left Handed Comments

These comments are in response to the poll about are you left handed?

The results of this poll were quite surprising in the number of people that can use both hands for many things. Have a look at voters comments and other lefty links below.


  • I get the best of both worlds but in sport I dont like being the odd one out so I always play right sided.
  • I’m a ambedectris people ask me Which hand is stonger I say left but still it’s funny when the teacher calls me up to the board and all my classmates look at me as I write with both hands but I’m mostly a lefty!!!! GO LEFTYS ANYONE A LEFTY BECAUSE LEFTYS ROCK!!!!
  • I’m right handed. Known for been more creative, with famous people like jimmy hendrix and matt groaning.
  • Interesting, but not very scientific. I notice a disproportionately large number of gay men and of computer programmers are left-handed.
  • I can turn off & on the bathtub faucet with either foot.
  • I was a fully left handed but living in the wrong world made me like this
  • do archery left handed and fencing, but eating and bowling right handed. Tennis ambidextrous!
  • Hmmm i thing a lot of people overstimate their ability to be ambidextrous. I can actually write ,play pool, football and eat with both hands. but i didnt know up to today someone able to write the same with both hands other than me. Nonetheless, the poll says >10% are ambidextrous. I reckon thats wishfull thinking.

Are You Left Handed?

Various studies have found that around 10 percent of people are left handed, though many are not purely left or right handed, but are somewhat ambidextrous. As the name suggests, being left-handed means you write with your left. But not all ‘lefties’ use their left side to kick or jump from. There are many possible variations of left and right side-ness. Answer this poll and see how you compare.

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