Suggestions for Future Polls

These poll suggestions may be included in this site in the future. Do you have your own to suggest? Let me know.

  • can you remember people’s names – how good is your memory?
  • can you wolf whistle with your fingers?
  • can you do a handstand – used to!
  • can you do a cartwheel – used to!
  • do you have a fetish – toes?
  • have you eaten … haggis?
  • can you predict the future, have you seen a ghost?
  • do you sleep walk / talk?
  • Can you wiggle your scalp?
  • Can you roll your stomach?
  • Do you have a fear of flying?
  • Do you fall asleep after a meal?
  • Are you scared of spiders? Other things too? What phobias do you have? enclosed spaces, mice …?
  • Is your index finger is shorter than your ring finger? One visitor said it is on both his hands,┬ábut the difference in length is greater on the right hand.
  • Can you whistle while motorboating your lips?
  • Can you crack your toes?
  • Can you crack your tailbone by tightening your butt muscles?
  • Where are you ticklish?
  • Are you double-jointed at the elbow? Can you bend your elbow in the
    opposite direction and then twist your entire arm around?
  • Are you double-jointed – bending your thumb or elbow backwards?
  • Crooked teeth poll – how straight are yours?
  • do you know the words to your national anthem?
  • Is your tongue clover shaped? Do you have a split tongue, tongue ring?
  • Can you roll your tongue forwards like a wave, or turn it upside down?
  • Can you move the little toe without the others moving? Can you cross your pinky toe over the other toes without using your hands or the other foot?
  • Can you move your eyes independently of each other?
  • A reader says that she can contract/dilate the pupils in her eyes. Can anyone else do this?
  • Can you “jiggle” your eyes?
  • do you still have any baby teeth?
  • can you fit your fist in your mouth? – suggested by Jessica who says she can
  • how many fillings do you have?
  • Do your ears stick out?
  • Can you read a map?
  • have you ridden a horse, camel, elephant, dolphin, goat, sheep, donkey?
  • can you swim – the channel?

To suggest more polls, send a comment.

One reply on “Suggestions”

sometimes i can dilate my eyes without the help of light, and i can run up to ten mph on all fours and move just like any ordinary animal- like a cat or dog or something. are any of my abilites odd?

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