Toe Size Poll

Which is your longest toe? There are some people with a bigger second toe, are you one of them? What does this mean anyway? See the archived comments for a selection of the hundreds of feedback comments this poll has generated. As you will see, people see many meanings of this, not all of them scientific.

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9 replies on “Toe Size Poll”

On my mothers side I have a grandfather and grandmother both born in Ireland. My husband also has a longer 2nd toe like me! His parents were both born in Greece.

My 2nd toe is a lttle longer than my big toe and my 2nd and 3rd toes are webbed half way up the toe.I was the only one in my family to have that birth defect. It never bothered me and is not noticeable unless pointed out. None of my children or grandsons have it either.

Seeing a person with their second toe longer than the first has always reminded of me what a monkey’s foot and toes looks like. Perhaps, it is an indication of not being that far evolved from a not so distant cousin. Toes like those are made for gripping.

My second toe is only a lillte bit longer than the big toe if I am wearing sandals, most people don’t even notice it. I can pick up a pencil off the floor if I am berfoot with my toes without getting up out of my chair

My 2nd toe is my longest toe and it’s obvious. I was self-conscious for a long time until my husband (boyfriend at the time) helped me over come it. I wouldn’t wear opened toe shoes ever and I hated it. Not I’m getting pedicures and wear sandals all of the time. I just don’t do peep toe because obviously it’s the only one sticking out (lol). I do get uncomfortable sometimes when I think people are looking at my toes but oh well. I am Portuguese with a line of a few other blood lines. Neither one of my parents or 2 sons have this. Just me.

I was going to take the poll, because I was interested in seeing how many other people really had their MIDDLE toe as the longest. My big toe is shorter than my second toe, but my third (middle) toe is slightly longer than my second, just like fingers.
I’m adopted, and have only found my birthmother, who does not have this trait. I quite literally have NEVER, EVER seen anyone else who has toes like mine.
I’ve just now seen images on google so I do know I’m not the only person on the planet (haha), but honestly, why is this the only place on the internet anyone even mentions it? Does no one know we exist? lol!
p.s. I also have extremely high arches and I love my feet, I never cared that my toes were long. I’m constantly barefoot. Perhaps because I’m a Pisces (I know, more hogwash for you, right? 😉 )

My big toe is longest, but just-just. My second toe is just a bit shorter than my big toe.
My toes are long cuz I got size 18 feet. I was wearing size 17 a few months ago, an my feet grew a size so my feet are 18s now. I get my shoes from the net. Real hard to find cool shoes for the size of my foot. Got Nikes Free Trainers 5.0 in 18s, the fit just, not much room in front cuz there small make. Looking for Nikes runners in size US 19 now. An I’m only 6’05” tall.Wish I was taller. Damn!
Any guys out there who got real big feet for the height?
Cheers, guys!

My big toe is the biggest, but jut-just.
My second toe is only a bit shorter.
I’m a cool 6’1″ tall guy, an I got size 18 feet.
Any guys out there with feet too big for their height? 🙂