Are You Ticklish?

Tickling involves touching a part of the body which leads to involuntary laughter or twitching movements. Scientists have categorized tickling into two main types: the “light” tickle which involves light movement across the skin which doesn’t produce laughter and sometimes associated with an itching sensation, and the “heavy” tickle, produced by applying pressure to “ticklish” areas. Common “ticklish” areas include the soles of the feet, armpits, sides of the torso, neck, knee, midriff, navel, and the ribs. Not all people react in the same way. Some may not react at all to any tickling actions, while very ticklish people often start laughing with just the thought of being tickled. How ticklish are you?

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Here is what one person said: “My girlfriend is INSANELY ticklish while I have no tickle reflex at all. Glad to know there are other people like me out there.”