Tattoo Poll

Tattoos were once just for sailors and security men – now for many people it is a fashionable item. Do you have one, or more?? It seems like some people get the bug and just keep adding them. More than one tattoo – that might be just one big one?

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Here are some comments I have already:

  • Tats are an expression of one’s self. Want one? Fine…want more than one? Fine. It’s personal preference. Just because you have a tattoo it does not mean you are a freak, I personally have six, but none are visible outside of normal clothing (ie. long pants and a t-shirt.)
  • I’m not a freak hopefuly without tatoos u can save ur sis’s, bro’s ,mom’s, dad’s, or even ur childs life.
  • tattoos are lame i think it hides the real personality in someone.