Tickling Videos

We asked people how ticklish they are. Some people may not react at all to any tickling, while very ticklish people often start laughing with just the thought of being tickled. below are some examples of extreme reactions to tickling.

A couple of minutes of tickling, makes you laugh too but I just wanted them to stop!

A group tickle attack

A grown man getting tickled. See how the girl doing the tickling is enjoying it more then he is.

Tongue Rolling Tricks

We asked how many people can roll their tongue which we meant was rolling it into a tube. Here are a video of a lady who can not only roll her tongue into a tube, but do all sorts of rolling and twisting of her tongue. I don’t think this is something that you can learn to do, just either you can or you can’t. The tongue is one big muscle that can do some pretty neat things.

Longer Second Toe Videos

Many people have a longer second toe, as shown by this poll. What does it mean? There are lots of theories, but it probably just means that we are all a bit different. Enjoy your uniqueness.

In a classic example of the longer second toe, here is a video of a girl’s feet. One whole minute of it.

Here is a short clip from the movie Shallow Hal, where his friend dumps a gorgeous girl because her 2nd toe is longer.