What You Think About Piercing

There are a couple of polls on this site about body piercing, and here are some comments in response to those. Remember, there is no way of checking if they were telling the truth!



  • Who on earth would pierce their genitals or nipples?!
  • That there are more people with their genitals pierced than lips or eye brows, is really gross.
  • Body piercing is a trendy thing – it will pass and then there will be all sorts of freaky people with infectious holes in their bodies. Gross-like tattoos.
  • I think that it is that type of closed mindedness that is the cause for ignorance and uneeded conflict. I among many other people love to peirce. I find it mentally and spiritually freeing. And it is not just a trend that will “leave people with infected holes” that is an ignorant statement! Peircing has been document as early as man has existed. Please do not stereotype people, I have peircings and am currently in my 6th year as a working anthropologist. Descrimination without knowledge equals ignorance. Please try not to look down on people simply  because they don’t fit into an extra small old navy pullover. I think that, with so many moms (and grandmothers) getting double piercings in their ears, it’s hardly radical for your teen to want earrings.
  • I had my ears pierced by my Mom with an ice cube and a needle!
  • I think that piercing is fun. How many do their own? I did two of my own
  • I have my hand web pierced (the area between the thumb and index finger).
  • Wow! more people have nothing pierced than I thought! Having nothing pierced is the way to be.
  • Wow! that just sounded really retarded. No piercings may be ok for you. But don’t speak for everyone else. Piercings have been apart of humans since we were on all fours.
  • I personally think that piercings are great. even tho people disagree with them i just like the idea of having them. i think that the more random and wierd the piercing is the better it lokks. in time im thinking of getting my web pierced for the simple fact that it is a really cool piercing and nobody in my town has it so it would be quite a new thing to get done.
  • I think nipple piercing and genital piercings are really cool. I have 4 genitals & 2 nipple piercings myself
  • Yeah I’ve got 5 piercings, I’ve done 3 of them myself. I double pierced my ears myself, with a needle and that’s it, didn’t hurt, and did my [private part]. I also did my belly button but took it out, I don’t know, for me its a rebellion thing because my parents were like no you can’t get your belly button or ears double pierced, so I did them myself.
  • I have to agree with the first comment on genital and nipple piercing as I have both nipples and two genital piercings. I think that piercings in these areas are a cool thing to have. Being a guy, I prefer them on ladies but see no harm in guys enjoying some of the body arts too.

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