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The results of the poll about toe sizes is quite surprising.

I would not have guessed that more people have a longer second toe than not. We will have to start looking at people’s feet more. Have  a look these comments from some of the voters. You can add your own comment by going to the poll page.


  • When I was a young teen I was very concerned about my second toe being longer than my big toe. I was reluctant to wear sandals. I thought my feet were freakish. I attribute this to feet pictures in beauty magazines read by young teen girls. I hated my feet because of the second toe length. I wanted to hide my feet.
  • Somewhere in the middle of 9th grade, I started to look at other people’s feet in sandals. I noticed that very many people had a second toe longer than the big toe. I realized that if so many people had a second toe longer than their big toe, this must be a normal genetic condition and not freakish at all. I stopped being self-conscious about my toes and learned to accept them. I wore sandals with utter abandon. I hardly ever think about them anymore (my toes), and never in a negative way. I feel, at least in this respect, my feet are NORMAL.
  • So I think that everyone who has a second toe longer than their big toe should start looking at other people’s feet around them and learn not to hate their feet. It worked for me. Also, your poll results show that the vast majority of the people who responded have a second toe longer than their big toe. So we are in the majority, folks. I actually think, except for my bunion (acquired from wearing pointy toed high heel shoes), that I have attractive feet. They are certainly better looking than my husband’s feet or my son’s feet.
  • I think any attempt at making associations between short and long second toes (like intelligence or artistic ability) is utter rubbish. I found an article on the internet that claimed a study done in Illinois prisons indicated that serial killers all had second toes longer than their big toe. They study seem to imply that therefore all persons with long second toes were serial killers. Complete and utter rubbish besides being bad logic and bad science.
  •  Look at your hands.If our ancestors had feet like our hands,longer second toes make better bipeds.
  •  All the comments posted are wrong. The longer second toe is due to Celtic tribes being Hunter-gatherers for longer than most other tribes of Anglo Saxon origin, which due to switching to farming lost the need for the gripping longer second toe. It is evolution, not a medical condition.
  •  My second and third toe on both of my feet are longer than my big toe -‘ but………. so are both of my fingers on both hands(middle and ring) are both longer than my index finger – i am 100% irish descent – any thoughts??????
  •  After reading that the longer second toe indicates a Celtic heritage, I began taking sneak peeks at people’s feet. I see quite a few of these “Morton’s Toes” on people of Mexican and Thai extraction!!! What gives?
  •  Actually the second toe being longer than the first is a condition called “Morton’s toe”. It is a condition that about 1/3 of the population has. It causes pressure to be displaced on the center of the foot and can cause foot pain if high heeled shoes and hard surfaces or walk on often. The longer 1st toe has nothing to do with evolution (as stated in the last post by somebody) our feet are a hereditary trait (we get from our parents). I myself have a longer 3rd toe on both feet stemming from the fact that both of my parents have a longer second toe.
  •  Toes are just toes. Length doesn’t mean anything. Sorry, but Science beats beliefs and “sayings”! Hahaha.
  •  I always thought, when the second toe was longer than the big toe, that it was “Athena’s Foot,” because her statue shows her second toe to be longer than her big toe. It’s a mark of Athen’s wisdom.
  •  Morton’s toes are on every race and creed. Yes it’s genetic, and no, idiots, it has nothing to do with leadership or intelligence. Go re-read your tea-leaves. A bigger second toe means: Sometimes you gotta buy bigger shoes. Period.
  •  Instead of asking which is BIGGEST, shouldn’t you ask which is LONGEST. Biggest also refers to width. Whose 2nd toe is wider than their 1st toe?
  •  My 2nd toe is two and a half inches long and my big toe is only two inches ahhhh please tell me what it means for sure!?
  •  My 2nd toe is a bit longer than the big toe and my boyfriend loves feet, I get paranoid every time he looks at my toes its weird becasue my feet are small too, I’d like to have surgery on my toes becasue I feel like I’m deformed. I never noticed my toes until he pointed it out. But people do tell me I have cute and sexy feet but personally I don’t believe it!
  •  It’s only a malady with poorly fitting shoes, e.g., high heels. Pre-man, with hand like feet, began bipedal walking, and foot-thumbs evolved to become big toes. Those who have their longest toe inline with the leg are designed to be *barefoot.*
  •  Some studies done in England point to evidence that people with Celtic ancestry (Irish, Scottish, Manx, Breton, etc.) have longer second toes. The 2nd toe on my right foot is longer and on my left foot they are of equal length!
  •  I read that if your second toe is the longest it you have Egyptian origin.
  •  A bigger second toe means royalty
  •  Actually on my right foot the two are the same length. BUT, on my left foot my second toe is longer then my big toe. lol
  •  I always heard it meant you would rule the roost if your second toe was longer. My husband’s also is longer.
  •  It’s said that if your second toe is longer, you have werewolf potential.
  •  If your second toe is bigger it means that you are the dominant one in the relationship
  •  My dad has the second toe longer and he is not dominant at all, on the contrary my mom is the ruler of the family. He is smarter, but not dominant at all… so I believe the longer the smarter not the more powerful… =)
  •  My 3rd toe is the longest!
  •  If you can move your little toe easily it means your gonna do something big in life
  •  My Girlfriend has a middle toe (left foot) longer than any of her other toes. Is this very unusual? I like it …
  •  My doctor told me that 2nd toe larger means more creativity. For the sake of us with big toe longest I hope he is wrong.
  •  My grandma always told me that the one with a longer second toe was “going to be the boss of the family” …of course, she’s the same way 🙂
  •  The longer your second toe is, the smarter you are!
  •  Longer second toe is evolutionary fallback to our ape ancestors. Evolution is carrying us slowly toward having a longest big toe.
  •  when the second toe is longer, i call it the “boss toe” because those people are more dominant.
  •  What about the third toe being shorter than the fourth?
  •  I’m italian…and when i visited italy, so many people had the second toe longer than the big toe …maybe it’s an italian thing too!
  •  Toes are delicious, but girls with longer second toes? Scrumptious.
  •  Hey! I’M Mexican! I guess your theory’s right dude. (I have a longer second toe of course)
  •  I am of 100% Irish descent and none of my toes are longer than my first (big) toe.
  •  People with longer second toes are freaks.
  •  I read somewhere that a longer second toe showed aristocratic descent. Has any one else heard this?
  •  I think that this is rubbish. Who ever thought this up has no idea what there talking about.
  •  My second toe is longest and I hate it, I think it is really ugly!!
  • My roommate has a longer second toe and I believe he is a mutant!
  •  My third toe on both feet is longer than the big toe and I HATE it. I think it is really ugly and I hope to get surgery to fix it.
  •  Longer second toe, so I was told while being humiliated in my childhood, means the possessor has a strong sense of leadership.
  •  my 2nd toe is longer too .. ha ha – I guess that means I’m the smartest? I HATE IT!

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My second and third toes on both feet longer than my big toes. My 10 yr old b/g twins also share the same trait. I never thought of it as abnormal as most ppl in my family also share that trait.

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