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The results of this poll indicate that there are quite a few very talented people out there.


  • I can wiggle my nose and also flare my nostrils together. My wife and kids get a kick out of it.
  • I can wiggle it and have done it all of my life unconciously when I am nervous. It is a real curse because I look like an idiot.
  • I know someone that can wiggle their nose but their scalp sort of wiggles too! It’s hilarious.
  • Hello, i can wiggle my nose, my mother can and my untie (my mothers sister). Is it normal?  Everyone laughs at it, its fun to have espeacially if theres no conversation, i just wiggle my nose and people start laughing, lol.  I wanna meet someone else tht can do it, do u know anyone?Why can some people do it and some can’t?  cse i never practiced? i have been able to do it since for ever. I wish i could make money out of wiggeling me nose, you got any ideas?

2 thoughts on “Nose Wiggle Comments

  1. I can wiggle my nose easily, without moving any other part of my face. I’ve never met anybody else that can do this.

  2. I can wiggle my nose very vigorously, and I’ve never met anyone else that can do this either. On the odd occaision when I now do this (I’m 60 years of age)
    people seem to find it very funny! I’ve always wondered why everyone can’t do it, and which muscles I have control off, that other people don’t.
    Helen Moore

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