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Here are more comments from some of the voters to the toe length poll.


  • Me and my friend have been arguing about big second toes and he thinks its weird but his 1st big toe is abnormal it is way to big for his foot but my toe looks like a finger sticking out above the rest of my toes this makes me not want to wear sandals i feel bad and also his big toe makes an imprint when he wears sneakers it literally sticks out like a sore thumb. I want everyone that has a second big toe to know that if you have one like my self that it is ok and we should be proud to be closer to monkey than the rest of people. unlike having a “big” toe we should show our monkey toes more often.  Stay strong MONKEY TOED PEOPLE
  • Hi! I also have my second toe as my longest, and was wondering about what it meant and what (if there was one) the condition was. Stumbling along through the comments, I came across everything from royalty, to smartness….(although I am a gifted student!) My mom wanted to find out as well….and now I don’t know what to say (heh!) I never really noticed my toes, or cared much…don’t ask me why J! Anyway, Morton’s Toe seems to make sense…Athena’s foot looks interesting too! Some of the comments are really funny…hope I can find out what my toe is trying to tell me!
  • My Big toe and 2nd toe are the same length, but I do like the look of the longer second toe. Although I know this longer toe may suffer some afflictions such as corns or calluses, I still find it a unique “toe style”. I had a couple of cool high school friends with Morton’s Toe, and one of them took off his shoe during class and wiggled the toes of his socked foot. I guess the new shoe really bothered his toe because he seemed so relived afterwards.
  • Hi fellow toe losers. my second toe on my left foot is 2 inches longer then my big toe… what does this mean??? i’m worried. but on my right foot all of my toes are stubby and fat AND chubby and just about the same exact length as each other. i hate it! my nick name is peetie peetie with the weirdy feetie. it hurts my feelings… and my names not even Pete. i’m a girl!
  • Ok, then we heard all about the second toe being the most significant. But how many people have the first toe really longer than all the rest – and what is the meaning of this. My First toe is 3/4″ longer than all the rest, but my hands are normal. When I say big toe, I really mean BIG toe! I would love to hear comments from others who have the same.
  • I enjoy looking at feet both men’s and women’s. They are beautiful. I think a longer second toe on a mans foot is quite studly. Hair on his feet is even better. I might be an exception but there is a correlation between size of feet and height. I wear a size 10D shoe/boot on a 5 foot 6 inch frame. It would be nice to be taller and have the bigger feet that comes with it. What about a
    correlation between the size of feet and their stink, their smell. Maybe I have a stink complex, but when I shower, I usually don’t wash my feet.
  • ummm my 2nd toe is longer than my 1st toe.But my feet are cute….yeah i no weird ooo yeah as for the freak who said people with longer 2nd toes are freaks ummm your mean and i don’t like you personally that’s a stupid immature comment to make. BUT to all of my fellow “Athenas” love your feet. and its Normal there isn’t just one kind of foot
  • My 2nd is longer than the big toe. I’m a Taiwanese. Now I’m all curious about finding who has longer 2nd toe. Maybe it’s more common than we thought among all races. If it’s said /3 of population have that, probably just toes are different in length…so why there is a perception we are more bossy, bias.
  • Sadly, you poor, poor peasants have it backwards. The shorter second toe is the sign of regal ancestry. That’s why all the women in Italy have longer second toes, and why all the people everywhere — other than us regal types — have longer second toes. I understand there’s a new makeover show on TV next season where unfortunates will go to plastic surgeons to have their second toes shortened.
  • I have found something interesting that almost all the beauties have longer second toes, but wait a minute, the difference between a longer second toe and a shorter big toe should be less than 0.5 centimetres, if it’s not so, it would be even “worse”. This is survey based on 1,000+ pictures of beauties around the world(mainly female celebrities with stunning beauty, for example Melissa Theuriau, while Elizabeth Hurley is not in this group), anyone who get interested on this can do some research either and prove my hypothesis.
  • I also have a longer second toe on both feet and have heard that you are from royalty, are creative and are a strong smart individual … I am from Italian (and Sicilian) decent so my ancestry may be a mix of many countries which invaded Sicily … I have other traits which I have been told come from being of royal blood. I do know that I am very creative and a pretty strong person … I have heard that my mother had royalty in her family way back. My father had a longer second toe and he was a brilliant man, very creative and very strong. (I certainly am not as smart as my dad). I don’t remember if my mother had a longer second toe but I do know I am the only child that has this trait. All I know is it is great for a toe ring … very sexy!
  • I remember watching the ‘Tonight’ programme on BBC T.V. back in the 60s when Cliff Mitchelmore had a piece about long middle toes being something to do
    with Celtic origins – I just tell everyone who scoffs at MY feet that I’m a Celtic princess!!!
  • In reading the comments, it would appear that many people, regardless of their toe length, do not know how to SPELL!  Perhaps it would be better if they apply their minds to improvement of their communication skills as opposed to the length of their toes.
  • I was startled to read about all the people made to feel bad about their longer second toes because for me it was the reverse. When I learned to swim, I was the only kid in the class with a shorter second toe. I was teased mercilessly. I had always assumed that my toes were very unusual since the way women’s shoes are tapered (pointy in the middle, not on the side) suggested to me that most women have longer second or third toes. I’m glad that I’m not alone (even if still in the minority, at least according to this survey) although I wish I could find some shoes designed for people with my foot shape. However, let’s stop with the pseudo-evolution discussion. I’m sick of all the comments about people being “more evolved” or “less evolved”: all they prove is that the authors lack a basic education in biology. Evolution has nothing to do with progress or superiority but simply with adaptation of an organism to a specific environment. Within any species, there is a considerable amount of variation in certain traits, and this variation will remain if it does not impact on the ability of organisms to reproduce.
  • My big toe (hallux) is about an inch longer than the second, and it is rare that I have seen anyone with this configuration. It’s great for sprinting (and I’m told skiing), but sometimes it is very vulnerable to injury being so far out there. I am interested in knowing/seeing if anyone else has the same large big toe thing going on.
  • For me, in this era of flip-flops, the sight of a young athlete with a longer second toe is absolutely adorable!
  • Hi I’m Welsh and my second toe is bigger than my big toe. What’s the real history behind it?
  • I heard a researcher on a nutritional tape say that having your second toe longer than your big toe was a genetic marker for people who cannot use vitamin B6 at pyridoxine … they have to take a form of B6 called Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate.
    I was trying to verify this information.
  • I have royalty toe too it gives me delusions of grandeur and makes me
    irresistible to women.
  • It’s actually called “Second Toe Syndrome” and has only to do with aesthetics.  A female foot is generally considered not very attractive when the second toe is longer then the big toe.
  • I have a shorter big toe; and I was always told that means that i have the
  • My toes are as long as my fingers, I love my long toes, and you know what they say about long feet or toes, your long in other places too
  • I believe evolution is a myth, so those comments don’t hold water with me.
    I think a longer big toe makes feet more attractive than feet with the second toe longer. I’ve read that having a longer big toe was called “roman toe atavism”. Having a longer second toe was called “greek toe atavism” (like Athena).
  • Hi, I have double jointed toes – like most people only have one joint in their toes but I have two. My toes are pretty long and I think that’s why – Is this totally abnormal?
  • Hi, I saw somewhere where it said having a longer second toe was a “deformity!”  What a laugh.  LOTS of people have second toes that are longer than their big toe!  I don’t have any problems with my feet.  Having a longer second toe is cool.
  • I’m checking out this survey with my 7th grade teacher and after a bit of anxiety about it at first, I now see my longer second phalange as an object of beauty.
  • longer second toes are far more attractive … than when you have a large big toe and the rest  smaller … Attracted to chicks with longer second toe.
  • I’m from New Zealand and almost everyone I know has a bigger second toe, so to the person who called the people with longer second toes freaks…. I think that would be a bit rich coming from you, don’t you think???
  • This makes for a great game of footsy with your mate=)
  • I’m AJ and I have always had I big 2nd toe but the other day I went to a toe doctor or what ever they are called and he said he’s never seen a toe so long. He said if it wasn’t for my age then I should be in surgery straight away. I’m sixteen and my mates think its awesome but should I be worried? Its a surgery where they take a bone out of your toe to shorten it. It curls up like a claw but I just read they comments on your we page and thought I just email you.
  • I also have this abnormal small big toe, and won’t expose it. Like in one of the other comments I won’t wear sandals in the summer, it is really annoying, people probably wouldn’t even notice it’s just my own insecurity. I am glad I am not the only one who feels like this, if it helps it actually has a medical name of Mortons Toe. Shilpa Shetty off of Celebrity big brother also has this condition.
  • Hey dude, I’m 100% Hungarian, my 2nd toes are longer too and I’m a freak.
    So I guess you were right about it. hehe … ohh my God!
  • I’m also blessed with the longer second toe; Morton’s Toe.  I’ve researched it quite a bit for fun and can tell you that the only prominent statue in the Unites States; the Statue of Liberty, was designed with a longer second toe.  The French believe it to be a sign of intelligence.  The guy with Egyptian roots should also know that Cleopatra’s statue is depicted with a longer second toe.  It is a dominant trait, and may be a sign of power, intelligence, or aristocratic descent.  I am directly descended from the Lee and Lightfoot families of Virginia who were and still are very prominent.  The name I carry is also the name of mane cities and signed on the United States’ Declaration of Independence.  My Father is surely descended from the Celts of Britain, our genealogy states we resided in England, before the Duke of Normandy arrived and the invasion of the Saxons.
  • My second toe is longer, so is my husbands and also my 15 year old daughter – she really hates it! Yesterday when she was doing ballet on pointe, she said it was hurting to her ballet teacher, but she said just carry on!
    Last night, her whole toenail fell off! It is very sore now…
  • Michelangelo’s David has a second toe as the longest. Perfection.
  • I too have a longer second toe than my big toe and have been ridiculed all my life about it. I never wore sandals and would never let anyone see my feet. Now that I am older and know that this condition (Morton’s toe) is very very common and I go barefoot all the time!
  • I have long toes with the second one being longer than my big toe. My father said it would help me climb trees.  The long toes help for picking up things you drop on the floor – a pen, the remote, a kitten.
  • The digital ratio for the foot is 2,1,3,4,5  therefore it is completely
    normal for the 2nd digit to be longer than the others.  So anyone who
    with the 2nd digit being longer is actually completely normal!!!
  • I have been teased all my life about my toes. My third (middle) toes on both feet are longest, especially the left. I read that only one percent of the population has this trait. I’d like to know what this might say about ethnic ancestry. I know some, but am missing other parts of my heritage. This trait skipped my sons, but has turned up in one of my granddaughters who has feet just like mine: narrow with the long middle toe. Her parents already have had to get her special shoes. BTW, I am left-footed, left-eyed, left-eared, but right-handed; I was “encouraged” to use my right hand in school.
  • Both my second and third toes are longer than my big toes.  I have always had a lot of stamina and endurance.  I think my toes are elegant!
  • My second toe is slightly longer on my left foot and a lot longer on my right. I do not know if there is any truth to any of what people say but I will acknowledge that I seem to be the one with the stronger personality in most situations.
  • I will never date a girl with long big toes.  To me that’s UGLY.  I like equal length “big” and secong toes or very slightly longer second toes (like my own).
  • Years ago, I was told by a Chinese woman that your father was symbolized by the big toe, mother, second toe, whichever was longer outlived the other.

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Longer big toes are way more attractive then long second toes. I absolutely love really long big toes on a woman.

TONS of people have longer second toes. Whoever said that it is freakish or rare is a moron and/or doesn’t pay attention to feet at all. They might even be jealous!

I have a longer second toe which hinders en pointe. But what is it called when you have a slightly longer second toe?