Belly Button Comments

Why do some people have an “outee” and others have an “innee” belly button? Some theories are that if the doctor tied a bad knot, or the knot was tied too far away from the body, you would get an “outee”. However, there is not knot tying. The doctor puts on a clip, cuts the cord, then it is a wait until the umbilical cord dries and falls off. Sometimes an “outee” will develop if the baby has a hernia at the site.

These comments relate to the poll about the shape of your belly button.

Some of the comments from voters in this poll include the following:

  • Shall we call the innees the belly hole and the outees the real belly button?
  • outies are ugly.
  • What exactly happens to a person that causes them to have an “outie”?
  • outies are sexy
  • What about teenie in betweenie? LOL That is what I have always heard about belly buttons … do you have an innee or an outee or a teenie in betweenie?!!!
  • I have an outtie but it doesn’t protrude out.
  • I have an outee and it never has bothered me. It’s so tiny like that size of a tapioca pudding bead. It’s kind of cute and makes me feel unique.You can’t even tell unless you look closely.
  • my belly button sticks out almost 2 inches
  • My bellybutton is an innie that looks like a knot was tied into the center of it.  It’s not too easy to see, but when I’m playing with my bellybutton I can see it.
  • When women get pregnant their belly buttons stick out, what about women with innies … what happens seriously!! i’m dying to know ;o)
  • Hi there, about your belly button poll(s), I have a belly button which is neither an “innie” or an “outie”, it is referred to as “flush”? Have you ever come across this before?
  • i have an outie and i love bb….i love to play with them.
  • i have an outie, its dome shped and very sensitive to the touch. i love my belly button.
  • I don’t like my bb. It’s very ugly and i don’t have confidence when i touch it or see it in the mirror or when i take photo with my mini-jupe. I hate it and i don’t know what to do. When i see people with innies, it makes me sad, cause i want to have innie but i don’t know what should i do… Can anyone give me a suggest?
  • i luv my outee bb its like a smooth ball of skin. descrb urs